King Foundation is a Chennai-based Commercial property seller that strives to provide customer satisfaction to all its clients.

We at King Foundation are well known for many things, some of which are King Foundation trust, free hospitality, and quality after-sales service.

Professionalism in the real estate sector is hard to come by especially at reasonable prices. That’s where we come in, King Foundation delivers clients with insights on the most attractive Commercial properties in Chennai.


Buying a plot of land is not as easy as most people assume it to be. There are multiple factors such as location, surrounding environment, documentation, verification, taxation, etc., that play a vital role in buying land for commercial use.

It is highly recommended to visit Consultation Agencies to gather information on the above-mentioned factors. But their information comes at a cost under commission rates which is not feasible.

King Foundation deals with clients directly and provides commercial spaces for multipurpose needs. It is in our best interest to provide our clients with awareness and knowledge of the Commercial Space Industry at all times to attain mutual understanding between ourselves and the client.

King Foundation has strict professionals who have years of experience in the business and value customer needs above all. At the end of the day, we make sure to fulfill our customer’s dreams by providing them with commercial property at reasonable rates without an external party.


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